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Opening night, spring time, longer days. What better way to celebrate than watching our city unfold after dark? Night Vision returns to kick off our 11 days of unmissable arts experiences.

Grab a prescription from the Art Chemist, visit the beautiful exhibitions at our local galleries, watch the opening performance of Ko Te Ākau, and make sure to wander - exploration will be rewarded with new discoveries, from visual art to interactive installations and performances!

Whakatū has a long history of the best rangatahi musicians and we're stoked to be collaborating with Nelson Youth Council on Tune Up - a gig stretching across the evening celebrating all the incredible talent our young folx have to offer (plus food and more).

Chloe Loftus invites you to join her in a community mass movement event which will roam through the city and its galleries. The Sensorium is an endorphin- releasing reminder of the power of touch - however flamboyant or subtle - and how we are hardwired to this infinitely intricate and artful sense. Find out more and sign up to participate HERE.

Speaking of senses: treat your ears to Gloriously Queer readings and Whispers in the Streets, feast your eyes on the After Dark night sky and the Masks About Town, and have your body and soul moved by Erny Belle. In short, Night Vision promises a night out to remember.

Find locations and galleries on our Venues and Maps pages and find out how to be part of The Sensorium on the Ways to Participate page.



18a, 18 Vanguard Street, Feature: 'Almost' - paintings by Kirsten Fitzwell + hop scotch (weather permitting)

Atelier Studio|Gallery, 329 Trafalgar Square, Feature: 'RESURGENCE' - Tim and Tracy Croucher

Community Art Works, 81 Archilles Avenue, Feature: Thursday Night Creative Collective 

Craig Potton Gallery, 255 Hardy Street, Feature: Live music by Ben Dixon (7:30pm - 8:30pm) + new screen prints by Max Gimblett + Craig Potton as your host

Cultural Conversations, 222 Hardy Street, Feature: 'Cultural Connections'

Flamedaisy, 324 Trafalgar Square West, Feature: 'Flaming Daisys's' live demonstration of the lampworking technique (glass art)

g-space NMIT, 7 Nile Street, Feature: 'Troupe' by Emma Panting, curated by NMIT Professional Practice Students Holly Millar, Tessa Sparrow, and Skyann Martin

Hot Clay, 123 Hardy Street, Feature: 'RAW CHICKEN DINNER with friends', an interactive exhibition 

Mike Ward Studio, 220 Hardy Street, Feature: A showcase of work by Jonty and Mike Ward

Mockingbird Studio, 6 Nile Street West, Feature: 'Road Trip' by Barbara Franklet + on-site oil pastel demonstration 

Nelson City Framers & Gallery, 42a Halifax Street, Feature: 'It's OK' by Lisa Grennell

Nelson Provincial Museum, Cnr Trafalgar Street and Hardy Street, Feature: 'MELTDOWN: Visualising Climate Change' + explore the glacier exhibition by torch-light

Nelson Suter Art Society, 208 Bridge Street, Feature: Spring exhibition with guest artist Bronwyn Jones (ceramics)

Parker Gallery, 90 Achilles Avenue, Feature: Check out a collection of contemporary art from local and national artists, including painting, sculpture and ceramics

Protean Art Gallery, 20 Tahunanui Drive, Feature: 'Origins'; contemporary artwork by Nelson and New Zealand artists + free cake for all visitors to celebrate Protean Art's One Year anniversary

Quiet Dog Gallery, 33 Wakatu Lane, Feature: 'COMMON GROUND' by Diane Scott and Kathaleen Marie Bartha (opening evening!)

Red Gallery, 1 Bridge Street, Feature: 'SPRING'; a group exhibition

The Refinery ArtSpace, 114 Hardy Street, Feature: 'Ko Te Ākau' by Charles Koroneho + 'Kei Hea a Tiki?' by Kim Ireland

The Suter Art Gallery, 208 Bridge Street, Feature: Live music with Imani-J from 6:30pm - 7:30pm, 'Rita Angus' exhibition tours with Gallery Director Julie Catchpole from 6:00pm, and art demonstrations by members of The Nelson Suter Art Society from 5:00pm

The Tactile Society, 235 Haven Road (formerly Earth Hub), Feature: Late night coffee lounge + take an audio trip to Paris, curated by Loren Pasquier, Tactile Society Artist in Residence

Viewfinder Window, Bank Lane & Morrison Square, Feature: Cat Fooks' astounding objects

Wall to Wall Art, 112 Bridge Street, Feature: 'A New Direction' by mixed media artist Jill Richards 

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Thu 20 Oct | 5.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Free (some particular events Pay What You Can)

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