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2021 Sponsors and Friends

It takes a village to make a festival, so hugest thanks to our friends, whānau and supporters!

Huge squishy thanks to our whānau and friends:

Sophie Kelly, Charlie Unwin, Philip Tremewan, Amanda Raine, Michaela Blackman, Gabrielle Vincent, Tama Waipara, Marnie Karmelita, Tanea Heke, Padma Naidu, Annabel Norman, Luke Acland, Bonnie Burrill, Pitsch Leiser, Carla Van Zon, Jacquetta Bell, Oriwa, Joe and Tony from Downing, Rachael, Fiona & Jason from Orbit, Eliane from Theatre Royal, James & Kim from NCMA, Julie, Sarah and Noon from Suter, Janja from Refinery, Vik & Tej from East St, Olivia from Boathouse, Anne from Make/Shift, Tanya from Cultural Conversations, John from Patronbase, Rosie, Judy & Tim from Neudorf, Louise, Jo, Emily, Aroha & Heather from PANNZ/TourMakers, Anna & Jonathan from Auckland Theatre Company, Meg, Ang and Claire from NZ Festival, Shona, David and Steph at AAF, all our festival colleagues from around Aotearoa, Olivia Hall and Kerensa Johnston, and many more!

Special thanks to all the festival technical directors in Aotearoa and technicians with their insiders’ knowledge; and to the fearless and flexible Nelson Arts Festival’s technical crew and equipment providers.

All of our whānau, with particular thanks from Lydia to Eleanor, Erika & Robin, Stephen, Astrid and Lyn.

All the incredibleeee risk-taking, bolshy, talented, wonderful artists, to our spectacularly skilled & heart- warming team who make all the mayhem seem possible with a smile (and one too many waters), our incredibly generous and rigorous board whose balance of challenge and support is a unique and beautiful thing and, of course, our Festival mascots: Frankie, Solnit, Pixie and Bella.

Brochure, brand and website designed by Downing, and brochure printed with vegetable based inks on FSC mixed certified paper from responsible sources.

E tū kahikatea, hei whakapai ururoa. Awhi mai, awhi atu, tātou, tātou e.

Kahikatea stand together; their roots intertwine, strengthening each other. We all help one another, and together we will be strong.

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