THE SENSORIUM - A Community Performance

Chloe Loftus Dance

Join ‘The Sensorium’, a mass movement performance for this year's Night Vision. Amateurs and professionals, experts and the curious - all are welcome to learn this simple choreography and be a part of this magical community event.

Choreographer Chloe Loftus is bringing art out onto the streets once again with this community mass movement event. Roaming through the city and its’ galleries, The Sensorium will be an endorphin-releasing ode of the power of connection. However flamboyant or subtle, we are hardwired for the sense of touch.

The Sensorium will see movement installations within the Night Vision participating galleries before the community weaves the streets and culminates gathering in the heart of Nelson CBD.

The movements will be simple for all to learn - no experience necessary!  The Sensorium will be performed in unison as we travel together through the streets of Whakatū Nelson.
This project is fully accessible, with the material adaptable to suit every body. The only requirements are to attend a one hour initial rehearsal and be available for the performance on Thursday 20th October.
We will also offer a practice video that you can watch in your own time to rehearse at home.
Plus, it'll be great fun, championing glorious community spirit and being a part of the Nelson Arts Festival!

Keen to get involved?!

Rehearsal Dates:
  • Thurs 6 Oct | 6 - 7 pm | Fairfield Ballroom
  • Tues 18 Oct | 6 - 7 pm | Fairfield Gallery
  • Wed 19 Oct | 7 -8 pm | Fairfield Ballroom
Complete this registration form and we'll be in touch to confirm your spot.
If you have multiple people in your family keen to take part, please complete a separate form for each individual (the option will be given when you submit this form).
If you've any queries, feel free to email Chloe -

Thu 20 Oct | Performance from 6.30 pm



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Age 14+

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