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In this special live Showy Ovaries performance, the irrepressible comedian Penny Ashton will talk to bestselling novelist Nicky Pellegrino and acclaimed health writer Niki Bezzant, who both written about menopause. No one is too young for this session; knowing what’s ahead may change how you live your life today!

On the cusp of 50, Penny Ashton imagines her ovaries are about to retire and wants to know everything about it in advance, so she launched her new podcast, 'Showy Ovaries', and embarked on a voyage of discovery into the mysterious world of menopause. So, what better way to navigate her moisture moving from inside her body to perspiring out her face, than by talking to a series of wondrous women and owners of ovaries about their own journeys.

Forget the myths and misinformation, bestselling novelist and respected health writer Nicky Pellegrino has done the work for you in Don’t Sweat It, an empowering and honest book that reveals how menopause can affect everything from your weight to your memory and sleep, to skyrocketing anxiety levels and your missing libido...

In This Changes Everything: The Honest Guide to Menopause and Perimenopause, expert health writer Niki Bezzant shares the latest specialist research and advice along with personal stories from real women to answer the most important questions women have about the hottest of topics. She dispels the myths and confusion around menopause with a healthy side-serve of calling out sexism, snake oil and bullsh*t along the way and explains how to get the best help, for you.

Whether you’re heading towards perimenopause, are noticing some changes, or are well into your menopause years, this session is for you. There will be plenty of time before, during and after the show to connect with old and new friends – and once Ashton has convinced you nothing is off limits, plenty of time to ask questions.


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Nicky Pellegrino: Don't Sweat It: How To Make The Change a Good One | Niki Bezzant: This Changes Everything: The Honest Guide to Menopause and Perimenopause


You can now listen to the podcast recording here:

With thanks to Allen & Unwin and Penguin Books NZ.


Nicky Pellegrino 

Nicky Pellegrino is an experienced health writer and weekly health columnist for the NZ Listener. She has a high public profile from her time as editor of NZ Woman's Weekly and more recently as a successful novelist. She works as a freelance journalist and her novels are distributed in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and have been translated into numerous languages. 


Niki Bezzant 

Niki Bezzant is a multi-award-winning New Zealand writer, journalist, editor, and commentator who has built a reputation for translating complex health and science jargon into easy-to-understand information for everyone. She has been involved in New Zealand media for more than 20 years. Currently the editor of Thrive magazine and the health editor of Woman magazine, she is also a frequent contributor to New Zealand’s top print, online and broadcast media. 

Fri 21 Oct | 6.00pm

105 min (inc. interval)
Pay What You Can (PWYC)

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Content Warnings: Strong language, sexual references.

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