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Become an Auncle and support us!

You know who is always there for you? That aunty / uncle / auncle figure - and that's what we're wondering if you'd like to be for us!

From those questions you just can't ask a parent (funders) or your siblings (industry partners), Auncles are just the best.

We are welcoming any and all who would like to become part of our Festival Whānau as an Auncle (our flash name for a patron)!

Please get in touch for more details or simply click Donate Now to your right. No, the other right.

With your donation, you will directly support the Nelson Arts Festival and our artists, enabling our community across Whakatū and Te Tau Ihu to engage, connect, participate and celebrate.

The Nelson Festivals Trust is a registered charity - CC56710, with donee status.

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