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VANESSA WORM | A Sound Experience


What would the love child of Courtney Love and The Gathering look like?

An absurdist club night. A ritualistic sound immersion. A song about being chased by bumblebees. Meet Vanessa Worm.

Pre-pandemic, Vanessa Worm was building a reputation as Melbourne’s most fearless stage presence—a party prophet delivering Dadaist sermons to dancefloors, with a mystical cauldron of dub vibrations through drum and bass spirit realms. Her tracks and devil-may-care attitude to genres have attracted the attention of international DJs, including her world famous label bosses Optimo Music.

Making this Vanessa’s arts festival premiere, we are honoured to dive into this sonic ritual to open Nelson Arts Festival 2021.


A special Nelson Arts Festival commission.

Thurs 21 Oct | 8pm


Plus service fees 
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Trigger warning: Smoking, alcohol consumption, potential haze

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