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Rutene Spooner

The music theatre star that is Rutene Spooner is channelling the Māori hero Māui into a modern-day icon – complete with rhinestones and glitter. Don’t miss the charmingly quick-witted songs, hilarious antics and heart-felt storytelling.

A warrior and demigod, the adventures of Māui are woven into the fabric of Pacific history. In Aotearoa, this ‘Māori Superman’ was fast, fit, and funny. He was the total package. He slowed the sun, fished up Te Ika a Māui (the North Island) and brought fire to the world – to name just a few of his feats!

Rutene Spooner, this ‘haka-boogie-hori’ will be pulling out all his tricks from the past and reincarnating Māui into a living breathing musical rock star before your very eyes.

Experience this cultural hero and trickster shape shift once more.


Created by Metro Māori Productions and presented by PANNZ.
Developed in partnership with Auckland Live.

Supported by 

Created with support from

Sat 22 Oct | 8.00 pm

60 min
Pay What You Can (PWYC)

Plus service fee 

Content warning: Haze

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