Annea Lockwood

In 1968, legendary Aotearoa-born composer and deep listener Annea Lockwood set fire to an irreparable upright piano on the banks of the River Thames in London.

It was the first of her Piano Transplants, a series of pieces that reconfigured people’s relationship to one of the most iconic western instruments of our age – the piano.

Piano Burning is a celebration of the reconfiguration of material, the transformation of objects, and the resulting multisensory performance that ensues.

After recent presentations at Brisbane Festival and RISING in Melbourne, this will be the long-awaited return to Aotearoa of this extraordinary work.

Join us for our final gathering of Nelson Arts Festival 2022.


By Annea Lockwood

Curated by Lawrence English / Room40

Sun 30 Oct | 8.00 pm

90 min

Content warning: Fire, smoke

All Ages/PG

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