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PAX ASSADI | Ladi Dadi Assadi Like To Party


If you don’t already, you WILL know this comedy superstar by the end of 2021 when his very personal, very hilarious TV series 'Raised by Refugees' premieres.

 Lucky for us all, he’s coming to Whakatū first, for our weekend of lols at the Boathouse — introducing: Pax Assadi!

Hi literal stranger, wanna listen to me tell jokes for an hour? Oh well that’s just great, because telling jokes to strangers is the only way I know how to process things without driving my wife to divorce. So take your money — Visa Credit, Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin, cash, a goat, your first born child — whatever you need to get you a ticket and come laugh about everything.

As seen on 7 Days, The Project.

Sat 23 Oct | 8pm

$26 - $36

Plus service fees 
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Ages 16+

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