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Who gets noticed? Who gets ignored? Pip Adam and Jacqueline Bublitz discuss their compelling and provocative novels, which defy fiction tropes.

Peggy and Greta, the two women at the centre of Pip Adam's uncanny novel, Nothing to See, seem on the brink of disappearing altogether but it is not just another novel about two alcoholics trying to sober up.

Alice and Ruby, the two women at the centre of Jacqueline Bublitz's stunning debut, Before You Knew My Name, form an unusual bond—one living, one somewhere beyond—but it is not just another novel about a dead girl.

Both stories explore how power structures impact on the lives of women without voices. Chaired by Kerry Sunderland.

Thanks to Allen & Unwin and Victoria University Press

Pip Adam 

Pip Adam's previous books are The New Animals (2017), which won the Acorn Foundation Prize for Fiction, I'm Working on a Building (2013), and the short story collection Everything We Hoped For (2010), which won the NZSA Hubert Church Best First Book Award for Fiction in 2011. Pip facilitates writing workshops in universities and other settings including with people affected by crime in prisons and communities. She makes the Better off Read podcast where she talks with authors about writing and reading.

Jacqueline Bublitz 

New Zealander Jacqueline (‘Rock’) Bublitz is a writer, feminist, and arachnophobe. She wrote her debut novel Before You Knew My Name after spending a summer in New York, where she hung around morgues and the dark corners of city parks (and the human psyche) far too often. After many years of living and working in Melbourne, Jacqueline returned to her beloved hometown, New Plymouth, where she now lives and writes full-time. She is now working on her second novel, where she continues to explore the grand themes of love, loss and connection, and the ways we recover from our darkest moments.

Kerry Sunderland 

Kerry Sunderland was born and raised on Bunurong Country in Victoria, then spent 12 years living on Minjungbal Country on the far north coast of NSW before moving to Aotearoa in late 2012. She has been the curator of the Nelson Arts Festival’s literary programme, Pukapuka Talks, for the past four years. When she’s not reading the books featured in our programme, she works as a freelance writer and editor. Her words have appeared in Turbine Kapohau, North & South, The Spinoff, Stuff/The Nelson Mail, NZ Yoga Scene and Wild Tomato. She has a Master of Arts (Creative Writing) from Victoria University of Wellington (2016) and was joint winner of the 2018 Hachette Mentorship in Australia for an earlier draft of her soon-to-be published memoir, Beyond the Blue Door.  


Fri 22 Oct | 3.30pm

60 min

$13 - $19
Eligible for 5 for $75

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